important notice

This service is no longer in use. We are sorry for all the trouble this has caused. This was an operative page years ago, and this service has not been active for years, but it has come to our knowledge that people still try to register here, and that our old number (82 01 00 55) is now used by an organization for giving-purpose (they charge 100NOK for just calling them)..
It has also come to our knowledge that people thinks that this site is a Nordic Hosting AS site, but has not anything to do, what so ever, with Nordic Hosting AS. Nordic Hosting AS is a serious company, that would never try to foul its clients.
To prevent more damages to clients phone record and Nordic Hosting AS we will close down immediately. As long as this has been a service completely free of charge, we do not feel that we owe our clients more than this notice. Take care!